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We breed big, bold, powerful yet comfortable Arabians with extreme speed, quality and style...durable, intelligent, people loving and versatile.

To this end our Straight Russian/Russian-Polish-Crabbet mares are 17-28% PRIBOJ balanced with 9-22% ARAX through their best offspring, blending lines from Kann, Salon and judicious additions of Aswan... we use just five female tail lines Taktika, Solianka II, Mammona, Rodania and Emese line breeding to these as required...

Our Russian-Polish-Crabbet mares are line bred to the extreme athletes *Serafix, *Karadjordje++\’', Monogramm and Remington Steele*++... please enjoy each mare's pedigree study on their main page (follow links from each pedigree page)!

2002, Fast Ptrack x Trishia (Procent)
ENLARGE Taratantara (who sadly passed of old age in 2015), Penamore and Moments JENNIFER...We believe our brood mares should be ridden and enjoyed... Photo: Lynne Glazer


Mariska and her dam Pepelka
2002, Fast Ptrack x Stoikha (Drug)
1998, Fast Ptrack x Penama (SR Nadom)  
1998, Moment x Novators Myla (Novator)  
2004, Kings Ramsome x Medena (Tamarlan)  
2012, Stacctabay x Stoikha (Drug)  
2013, Sambist x Gas Pepelka (Pepel)  
2013, II Damb Much x II Remember Aluv Song (Remington Steele*++)  
2014, II Damb Much x Taratantara (Novator)  
Three mares on lawn
Photo: Lynne Glazer

Photo to left - On the left, Moments Jennifer "Endy" is a lovely Moment (Salon) daughter out of a Novator daughter (28% Priboj 6 crosses). In the middle is Taratantara "Tara", who sadly passed of old age in 2015, and on the right is Penamore "Pena" by Fast Ptrack (Ptersk-Nabeg) out of a SR Nadom daughter with a tail line to Perikola (8 crosses to Priboj). Most are very tall, up to 15.3, with extreme length of neck, thin throat latches, beautiful shoulders, hips, and gaskins, long forearms and short cannons with wonderful let down hocks and they even have giant eyes! All are heavily line bred Priboj so they are all line bred for speed and athletic ability. Foals available in 2014/2015/2016 in utero or create your own with one of our breeding stallions... or lease a mare and send us the stallion semen of your choice!