Stud Fees...

Artifical Insemination, Live Coverings,
Fresh Transported Semen, Frozen Semen

Please do ring Patti on ++(603) 786 9771 (or email)...
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We offer multiple breeding discounts, and discounts for mares
with show, race or endurance records and for returning clients!

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(right) Mykol (Photo: Lynne Glazer)

Artificial Insemination/Live Covering/Fresh Cooled Transported Semen

* You can substantially reduce your pure-bred stud fee $750 is for non or Half Arabains by sending an early deposit and by agreeing to name the foal with part of the sire's name. View our breeding contract in full HERE. Please call us on ++(603)786-9771 to discuss

Stallions - Frozen Semen only

* We can offer a discount if you bring your mare to Colorado State University for ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) as this allows the minimum use of this extremely rare semen. We also offer additional discounts if you register multiple foals. Please call us on ++(603) 786 9771 to discuss.