Team Phase II - Fast Track

Patti Bailey has put together a hard working, knowledgeable team of horse enthusiasts known as “Team Phase II–Fast Track…”

ENLARGE (left & lower middle) Patti Bailey riding REMINGTON STEELE*++ at U.S. Nationals in Louisville; (upper middle) Patti riding her foundation mare, Cola Bay on Cougar Rock, Tevis; (right) Patti with JUST II COOL's ribbons & trophies when he won Halter Championships across the board - Open, Amateur and Sport Horse - in the Class A Golden Gate show in Santa Rosa, California!

Patti Demers Bailey

Patti is internationally recognized for turning out sound, trustworthy, will go anywhere, and do anything trail and endurance horses having spent 30 years training on the Western States “Tevis” Trail.

Patti is also admired for her well-behaved and easily managed breeding stallions that travel to shows, clinics, and endurance rides plus play an active role in our lesson and camp programs. Please view:

- Patti's Resume & Timeline
- Straight Russian and Polish/Crabbet Cross Programs
- Crabbet & Polish Programs - past & future

Patti's articles
1) When The Going Gets Tough
2) The Tough Get Going

ENLARGE (Left) Jerel Harris, Breeding Manager, riding II DAMB MUCH; (upper right) Jerel speaking at Celebrity Horse Showcase at Equine Affaire in MA; (lower right) Jerel with JUST II COOL
ENLARGE Jerel training on II DAMB MUCH by the Balaton son Sambist in a waterfall near the farm ....we expect our stallions and mares to be calm and manageable under all circumstances and to do anything we ask of them

Jerel Harris

Jerel Harris’s official title at Phase II – Fast Track is Breeding Manager due to his finesse in foaling out, artificial insemination, collection, and ultra-sounding mares for follicles, ovulation, and pregnancies.

Jerel is so much more… maintaining the farm at every level, organizing road trips, conditioning the horses, ad infinitum.

He is a great PR person and a valuable asset to Phase II – Fast Track Show & Sport Horses.

ENLARGE (upper left, photograph by: Lynne Glazer) Sarah cantering II DAMB MUCH on a conditioning ride near the farm; (lower left) Sarah on "Chester" bred by my friend and partner, Anne Brown of Gadebrook Stud in the UK; (right) Sarah riding "Dart" the first to ride a Marwan Al Shaqab son in endurance!
ENLARGE Sarah wrote an article “Training for Tevis” for “The Crabbet Journal” in the UK that included this photo of her training on II DAMB MUCH by Anne Brown’s Sambist. The magazine “Endurance GB” (Great Britian) then reprinted the article (view HERE) using the photo on the magazine cover

Sarah Hare

Sarah spends six months of the year training horses for top yards in the UK and the other half of the year as a priceless member of Team Phase II – Fast Track. Sarah is one of the hardest working, dedicated, yet always willing to learn horse women we have been privileged to work with.

Sarah was the first to complete an endurance ride on Judy Brown’s Marwan Al Shaqab halter winning stallion Darttanian. While working for Phase II, in the spring and fall, Sarah takes in outside horses for training.

ENLARGE Peter and MARISKA in the UK before we purchased her and imported her to the US

Peter Cracknell

Peter Cracknell runs "PCwebsites", based in England, and is Phase II - Fast Track’s web master. Peter created the successful website Gadebrookstud .com for my partner Anne Brown in England, that we liked for its wealth of information and easy navigation. He agreed to take us on....we are so privileged and thrilled that he did so! I am not “a computer person” (I resent time spent on my PC away from my horses) and Peter has SO much patience with me and doesn't confuse me with 'technical jargon'.

He devoted himself to the project to keep it on-track within the required time-scale, working evenings as required (due to our 5 hour time difference), helping me organize the chaos of my exciting life into a wonderful new and very informative site - and will now update the site on a regular basis . We talk at length on the phone (very low-cost international calls), or you can skype, so distance was not a problem.

I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who needs a professional web master. On top of being incredibly talented his rates are reasonable and he is a pleasure to work with... he is a very important part of the team. Please do contact Peter HERE if you require any website work - he would be very pleased to work on other horse-related websites in the US (and general business websites). Thank you. Peter!

ENLARGE (left) Lynne with Twix her Remington Steele*++/Lipizzan cross; (middle) Lynne riding Rem-ember Me in Death Valley; (right) Lynne riding Celesteele for an article on hillwork for in Equus Magazine

Lynne Glazer

Lynne Glazer, a client, farm photographer, advertising design consultant and good friend of Patti’s for well over twenty years wears many hats on Team Phase II. Lynne also has a 'client' page HERE

Lynne, an avid Arabian horse lover and endurance rider, purchased the Remington Steele*++ daughter Rem-ember Me (“Ember”) and son Celesteele (“Q”) from our farm in Cool, California and later bred “Ember” to the Lipizzaner stallion Pluto Carrma III producing her spectacular Half Arabian “Rem” grand get Twix, then leased "Ember" to produce full sibling Hawk-Eye.

Lynne, already an accomplished photographer, wanted to enhance her ability to showcase equine function, beauty and the special relationship between man and horse so she came to Patti to learn what a breeder values in a photo. Thus ensued many happy hours and thousands of images photographing the herd under all kinds of circumstances and weather, including waterfalls, beaches, fog, rain and snow storms, both in California and New Hampshire. This was a Godsend to the Team... Lynne got Remington Steele*++ as the October horse of the "Arabian Horse World" USA calendar, a large image the in "The Arabian Horse" Magazine in the UK, Just II Cool as the inaugural photo of the day for the new I-phone app. (when phones first came out with photo backgrounds) and II Damb Much on the cover of “Endurance GB (Great Britian)” to name just a few!

Among many career highlights, one stand-out was that Lynne was frequently tapped to do commercial photography over ten years for Cavalia and its sister show Odysseo... both traveling extravaganzas celebrating the horse/human relationship. Lynne’s work is breathtaking and we strongly encourage you to visit her website
Jeff Little
(left) Jeff and Mary, and (middle) their golden retriever pups. (Right) Patti and Jerel with II Remember A LuvSong

Jeff and Mary Little

Jeff and Mary Little have been great friends and our farm photographers for over thirty years beginning when Remington Steele*++ was just two years old.It was Jeff, in fact, who encouraged Patti to show “REM” in Halter as he felt he was equal to the other Top Ten prospects they had been shooting. Working as a team we managed to get our first ARABIAN HORSE WORLD cover shot by climbing hundreds of feet down the horrendously steep trail at Devil’s Thumb carrying camera equipment so Jeff could capture the recently named US & Canadian National Top Ten Halter Stallion crossing the Swinging Bridge on the Tevis trail...this was a first at the time in so many ways. Patti will never forget Mary marching up to her at the bottom of the ravine in triple digit heat, covered in dirt and sweat, poking her on the chest saying “Ticks. I am covered in ticks. I never got ticks on a photo shoot before!” Point is, Mary and Jeff are dedicated professionals who put up with all the crazy new ideas Patti put them through but it paid off in two “Arabian Horse World (AHW)” magazine covers, Dec of the "AHW” calendar, recognition in Kentucky Horse Park, being awarded the first WAHO Trophy and the sales of many breedings and horses... all thanks,at least in part, to their great photography, patience and perseverance!

Jeff shoots wonderful photos and he and Mary offer a friendly and personable service. Please do contact Jeff via his website for your photographic needs or if you are looking for a fantastic golden retriever puppy!

Marci Sadogues
Marci Sadogues and her favorite riding gelding... the REMINGTON STEELE*++ son REMS MOON SHADOW IIMoon

Marci Sadogues

Marci takes excellent care of the horses while we are away and when we just need a break! Marci has experience as a veterinary technician and animal caretaker so we are thrilled that she is our next door neighbor and helps us keep a sharp eye on the horses. We can travel more comfortably knowing she is there!

Marci also rides helping us condition the endurance horses and grooms for our big events. She has cooked and helped tutor our international students in English and horsemanship and is in every way an asset to the team... and the horses love her!

Marci also helps us inadvertently in sales as every time she chooses a favorite horse we sell it...once as far away as Japan!

ENLARGE (left) Tory Bailey (Patti’s son) carries the AHA flag at the U.S. Nationals in Louisville on REMINGTON STEELE*++; (lower right) Eight year old Tory Bailey on the cover of Arabian Horse World riding Remington Steele*++; (upper right) Tory 6' 4" rides his 15.3 hand Arabian Stallion by Sambist, II DAMB MUCH

Tory Bailey

Tory is a talented horseman and a valuable asset in the breeding shed. Tory has been riding horses since he was old enough to walk and inseminating mares, running sperm count calculations, etc. since he was eight. Tory comes home to the farm to help us take the horses on endurance rides and to train his favorite stallion, II DAMB MUCH.

Tory and Sarah Hare are an excellent pair of endurance riders and Team Phase II – Fast Track Trainers.

Tory has traveled to England to work with Anne Brown, owner of SAMBIST, sire of II DAMB MUCH of GadeBrook Stud in the UK and Sarah Hare.

Lacey Bailey
(left, photo Jeff Little) Lacey as a little girl on Rem's 30 yr old dam JORDJINA by *Karadjordje+++ out of Cholsina by *Serafix x Chloeyn (Raseyn x Chloe)


Lacey Bailey
Lacey Bailey

Lacey Bailey

Lacey Bailey (named after Patti's mentor Murrel V. Lacey) is a talented horsewoman in her own right. Lacey began riding at 6 months old in the saddle in front of her Mom. At eight years of age she broke her arm while performing a "Liberty Act" (out of sight of her parents) cantering around the arena standing bareback on her beloved Jordjina when the mare inadvertently bumped into a hot wire. Lacey, always adventurous and NEVER to be out done, grew up riding on the Tevis Trail in her florescent pink tack on her favorite horse, the double National Top Ten Halter gelding Steele The Show.

Lacey has been involved with make-up and special effects since the age of twelve, when she would "surprise" her parents by horribly "disfiguring" her little brother Tory. She then moved on to theatre make-up and moulage starting her own theatre company in Keflavik Iceland, working as a production assistant for Pegasus Films, and was hired to paint full body models for companies and events such as Red Bull, Budweiser, Nascar, Sturgis and Laconia Motorcycle Rallies, and Fantasy Fest.

In 2005 Lacey founded DAYDREAMER FACE & BODY ART, LLC. She has her own successful career being named "Emerging Artist of the Year" in the USA in 2014 and will compete for the World Championships next summer in Austria!
Lacey plans to come home to paint skeletal outline and musculature form on horses for our yearly clinics in September. GO Lacey…we are proud of you!

ENLARGE Patti’s Heir Apparent, Katelyn Heath, a graduate of our apprentice program

Katelyn Heath

Having passed through the Phase II-Fast Track Apprentice Program Katelyn is a serious and talented young horse women that joined Team Phase II at 10 years of age and has traveled extensively throughout the United States with the team practicing endurance, showing, and breeding techniques.

Katelyn brings to Phase II a love for show and sport horse jumping and side saddle, rounding out our stallions’ conditioning program. Her goal is to complete enough rides to enter Tevis.

Kathy Wallace

Also with great appreciation to Kathy Wallace, our Office Manager, Life Long Friend, and who helps to make us who we are!!!